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Frequent Asked Questions

How do I book a appointment?
Visit our "Book A Service" link on our home page
Do you accept insurance?
Right now we only accept United Heath Care please check back in the future for more updates.
I purchased a download and I haven't received the link?
Please check your spam folder if you still have not received it email 
Refund Policy
Once course has been opened refunds is not accepted. If it has been past 5 days no refunds is not accepted. You have the option to reschedule your course but no refunds are accepted. 

Is your company registered with the FMCSA clearing house? 
Yes, we can be found of the FMCSA website.

When is your next DOT Collection Course?
Our next course is Saturday September 16th at 11am -3:30pm EST 

How will I get my training supplies If I'm taking the zoom class?
Training supplies are shipped via 2 day priority mail via USPS with signature confirmation 

Can I use my DOT certification in only 1 state?
DOT is a federal agency. Your certification is valid in all 50 states. If you move during the 5 years you can conduct business in your new state. 
What is the DOT Train the trainer requirements?
You must have performed at least 10 successful live collections, present a powerpoint presentation to the instructor teaching them like you would your future students and pay the appropriate fee.

What payment methods do you accept? 
Right now we only accept cash, debit/credit card, cash app & zelle as payment methods. 

What is included in your DOT course?
The course, exam, 5 practical mock certification and also how to get started with setting up your mobile or brick & mortar business. Once you purchase you will be emailed a Welcome Letter with your training videos and links. 

What is required in ordered to become Certified in DOT Specimen Collection?
You must take a course by a certified instructor, take a exam score a 80% or above and complete 5 error free mock scenerios.

Where are you located?
1572 Hwy 85 North Suite 335
Fayetteville, GA 30214

I am already certified in the course I need to complete the 5 mocks. Can my 5 mocks be completed through you?
Yes, but I must see your certification and you must explain to me what 49 CFR Part 40 consist of. 

Do you accept payment plans for your courses?
We no longer offer payment plans due to customers not fulfilling their payment plan obligation.  


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